IP Forwarding (Routing) - IP Forwarding - Load Sharing with CEF and Related Issues

9 important questions on IP Forwarding (Routing) - IP Forwarding - Load Sharing with CEF and Related Issues

What are the two methods of load-sharing with CEF?


How are CEF packets distributed with per-packet load-sharing?

Packets destinated to a destination networks are distributed accros multiple paths in a packet by packet fashion (mode)

How are packets distributed with per destination mode using CEF?

CEF takes source and destination IP address and optionally other data to produce a hash that identifies the particular path to carry the packet.

What are the different variations for CEF load-sharing algorithm?

-Original algorithm
-Universal algorithm
-L4 port algorithm
-Tunnel algorithm

In which implementation can Tunnel algorithm be used?

Suitable in environnement where tunnel extensively deployed

What is the command to configure cef load-sharing algorithm on a router?

ip cef load-sharing algorithm

{original | tunnel [id] | universal [id] | include-ports {source [id] | [destination] [id] | source [id] destination [id]}}

ipv6 cef load-sharing algorithm

What are the command to show the current load-sharing mechanism and Universal ID value?

show cef state

What are the load-sharing algorithm used by 6500/7600 routers and what are the configuration commands?

-Full Simple

What is the command to configure CEF SIMPLE on a Cisco 6500 and what does it mean? What about Polorization?

mls ip cef load-sharing simple

Source and destination IP without Universal ID excluding multiple adjacencies

Prone to CEF polorization

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