IGP Route Redistribution, Route Summarization, Default Routing, and Troubleshooting

What are the commands to change AD for RIP/EIGRP/OSPF?

distance distance source wildcard-mask
distance eigrp internal-distance external-distance
distance ospf {[ intra-area dist1 ] [ inter-area dist2 ] [ external dist3 ]}
What is the logic for the redistribute command to redistribute from a particular IGP protocol? 2
-Redistribute only routes in the current routing table
-Redistribute connected subnets matched by a routing protocol's network command
What is the command to filter a route which is source by RID Y?
ip access-list y
permit y.y.y.y (RID)

route-map Z permit
match ip route-source Y (RID)
What is the command to summarize OSPF internal routes?
area area-id range ip-address mask [ advertise | not-advertise ] [ cost cost ]
What is the command to summarize OSPF external routes?
summary-address {{ ip-address mask } | { prefix mask }} [ not-advertise ] [ tag tag ]
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