8 good questions on "Enabling RIPv2 and the Effects of Autosummarization"

What does the command router rip, network x.x.x.x?
RIP sends updates to the interfaces in the specified networks. Also, if the network of an interface is not specified, the interface will not be advertised in any RIP update
What is the command to disable auto-summary with RIP and on what device should it be configured?
no auto-summary

Must be configured on every router running rip because rip is a distance routing protocol
What is the command to disable RIPv2 updates default on all interface except one?
router rip
passive-interface default
no passive-interface ethernet 0/0
How can you disable for listening for RIPv2 updates?
-filter with distribute-list
-filter RIPv2 packets with acl
How can you filter advertising connected subnet with rip?
-Filter outbound advertisements with distribute list
What is the command to send RIP updates as unicast?
router rip
neighbor ip-addres
What is the command to check the timers for RIP?
show ip protocols
What is the command to check split-horizon on an interface?
show int gi 0/1

Gigabitethernet0/1 is up, line protocol is up
Split-horizon is enabled
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