3 good questions on "EIGRP - Diffusing Update Algorithm - Topology Table"

What does the EIGRP topology table contain?
  • the prefix of each known destination network
  • Feasible distance of the destination network
  • address of each neighboring router that advertised the destination network, including the egress interface toward the neighbor
  • metrics of the destination network as advertised by each neighbor, and the resulting metrics of the path to the destination network through that router
  • state of the destination network
  • additional information about the network
What is the command to show EIGRP topology table and RID?

R1# show ipv6 eigrp topology

IPv6-EIGRP Topology Table for AS(1)/ID( = RID

Codes: P - Passive, A - Active, U - Update, Q - Query, R - Reply,
r - reply Status, s - sia Status

P 2001:DB8:FFFF::/48, 1 successors, FD is 1024
via FE80::4 (1024/1), Serial1/2
P 2001:DB8:CC1E::/64, 1 successors, FD is
What is the command to show EIGRP topology table including routes which fail to meet feasibilty Condition check?
R1# show ipv6 eigrp topology all-links
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