8 questions on "EIGRP - EIGRP Metrics, Packets, and Adjacencies - Router Adjacencies"

On which parameters do EIGRP neighbors need to agree before establishing a relationship? 5
  1. Authentication parameters
  2. K-Values
  3. AS number
  4. Use of primary IP addresses
  5. Common (gemeenschappelijk) IP network address on a single subnet
What is the command to configure the EIGRP dead interval and what is the default?
(config-if)ip hold-time eigrp <AS> <holddown-sec>

By default holdtimer is 3 times hello

NBMA 180 sec
Other 15 sec
What is a null update and what is the sequence number?
An empty update packet with the init flag set (0x1)

The sequence number is a nonzero sequence number (niet nul)
What does it mean when the init flag is set?
EIGRP adjacency is starting over from scratch and the neighbor is requested to send its full database after bidirectional visibilty is confirmed
What does the EIGRP  H field mean with the show ip EIGRP Neighbor command?
Internal reference to a neighbor, also called a neighbor handle, starting at 0.
What does the EIGRP SRTT field mean with the show ip EIGRP Neighbor command?
Smooth round trip time

the time it takes to send a reliable EIGRP packet and receive an acknowledgment 
What does the EIGRP RTO field mean with the show ip EIGRP Neighbor command?
Retransmission time-out

Amount of time the router will wait between retransmitting an EIGRP reliable packet if an Ack is not received
What does the SEQ NUM field mean with the show ip EIGRP Neighbor command?
The sequence number of the last EIGRP reliable packet received from the
r. This is to ensure that packets from the neighbor are processed in the correct order.
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