7 questions on "EIGRP Basics and Evolution - Moving from IGRP to Enhanced IGRP"

What is the function of the hello protocol?
EIGRP routers use the Hello protocol to build and maintain neighbor adjacencies.
How does EIGRP stays loop-free?
By the use of the Feasibility condition critirion.
What is the function of the Reliable Transport Protocol (RTP)?
The use of RTP allow routers to initially exchange the complete routing information when synchronizing for the first time. Afterwards it advertises only the changed routes.
What does the feasibility condition?
it identifies neighbors, providing guaranteed loop-free paths to a destination. It avoids EIGRP from forwarding packets to a neighbor that could, even possibly, form a routing loop.
What is the default hop count in EIGRP?
100. But it can be changed to any value between 1-255. The command is:
Router(config-router)# metric maximum-hops
What are the default administrative distances for both internal and external routes in EIGRP:
Internal: 90
External: 170
the command is:
Router(config-router)#distance eigrp internal external
What is the abbreviation of DUAL?
Diffusing update algorithm
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