IP Forwarding (Routing) - Routing Protocol Changes and Migration

4 important questions on IP Forwarding (Routing) - Routing Protocol Changes and Migration

What are the steps to migrate to another routing protocol?

Step 1 Plan migration strategy
Step 2 Activate new routing protocol with higher AD
            If routing protocol is RIP/EIGRP, redistribution has to be configured as well
Step 3 Verify new IPG's adjancencies and optionally working database
Step 4 Deactivate current IGP in a gradual fashion
Step 5 Remove tempory settings  from the new IGP

What commands can be used to deactivate current IGP?

-passive-interface default
-protocol shutdown or shutdown

What must be configured to migrate to a different distance vector protocol?

Each router must be configured with redistribution from the current IGP into the new IGP.

So if you want to migrate from ospf to eigrp. OSPF must be redistributed in EIGRP.

Why must redistribution configured with a distance vector protocol?

A learned router will be advertised only if the router has placed that learned router into the table as well.

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