IS-IS - IS-IS Metrics, Levels and Adjancencies

4 important questions on IS-IS - IS-IS Metrics, Levels and Adjancencies

What are the four types of metric for IS-IS?

-Default (required by IS-IS, usually relates to bandwith of link)
-Delay (delay of the link)
-Expense (relates to monetary cost of carrying data to link)
-Error (relates to residual bit error of link)

How much bit is the wide metric for IS-IS interface and entire path?

24 bit width for interface metric (max 16777216)
32 bit for entire path metric

What is the resulting adjacency for IS-IS router 1 level 1 + 2 and router 2 level 1 +2?

Level 1 if area matches
Level 2

What does IS-IS use to describe their adjancencies on a particular level?

Level 1 and level 2 LSP's (link state advertisements)

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