5 good questions and answers about "RIPv2 and RIPng - RIPng for IPv6"

What is the abbreviation RIPng?
RIP next generation
What is the UDP port number for RIPng?
UDP 521
On what is RIPng number of routes in the RIPng message limited?
Limited by IPv6 MTU
What features are not supported with RIPng? 5
-Authentication or encryption by IPsec is not supported
-Passive interfaces are not supported
-Static neighbors cannot be configured (no neighbor command)
-Split-horizon can be activated only per process bases not on individual interfaces
-Per-process offset lists are not supported
What are the improvements for RIPng?
-Multiple RIPng processes
-Router poisoning (enhancement split horizon) can be actived on a process bases
-Default route can be originated on a per interface basis, including a option to suppress all other updates
-Interfaces can be configured with a metric-offset allowing RIPng to operate with link cost rather than hop counts
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