6 good questions and answers: "IS-IS Operations over Point-to-point Links"

Describe the IS-IS three way handshake?
1. Router B sends IIH to Router A with adjacency  three way state set to down
Router A can hear Router B
Uncertain Router B can hear Router A

2. So Router A sends now an IIH to Router B with adjacency three way state set to initializing
Certain Router B can hear Router A

3. So Router B sends now an IIH with the adjancey three way set to up
Router A is now als certain that bidirectional communication is possible
SO Router A send IIH with Adjancency three way state up
What is the command to configure IS-IS point-to-point three-way-handshake method by Cisco?
config-if# isis three-way-handshake cisco
What are the TLV's augumented (uitgebreid) fields to carry additional information about the neighbor's identity and interface?
-Extended Local Circuit ID (interface)
-Neighbor System ID
-Neighbor Extended Local Circuit ID (interface)
How can the IETF three way hand shake be configured?
isis three-way-handshake ietf
What will happen when the adjacency is declared up?
Routers will attempt to synchronize their link-state database
How are the link state databases synchronized?
-Routers will mark all their LSPs for flooding over point-to-point link
-Routers will flood marked LSPs to the neighbor
-Routers will send CSNP packets (complete sequence numbers PDU)
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