4 questions on "OSPF - OSPF Database Exchange - OSPF Neighbor States"

What is the attempt and init state function in OSPF?
a hello packet is received, but its router-id is not in the list of seen routers. So this routers does not know if the neighbor has heart its sent hello packet
What is the function of the 2-way state?
If a hello packet is received with its own router-id in the list of seen routers. This state confirms a bi-directional visibility between two routers. The 2-way state is a stable state between routers on a multiaccess network that do not intend to become fully adjecent.
What is the function of the exstart state?
If decided that the two routers have to become adjecent, they enter the exstart state. The purpose is to establish a master/slave relationship. They compare router-id and agree on a common starting sequence number used to acknowledge subsequent database description packets
What is the function of the exchange state?
DD packets are exchanged between the neighbors carrying the list of link-state database elements (lsa). During this state each router builds a list of LSAs to be subsequently download from the other router
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