5 questions on "EIGRP - Additional and Advanced EIGRP Features - Stub Routing"

What does the EIGRP stub feature do in EIGRP? 3
-A stub router does not propagate routes learned through EIGRP to its neighbors, except routes with leak-map construction

-it only advertises a subset of its own EIGRP-enabled network (summary,connected, static, redistributed and receive-only)

-Neighbors of a stub router will never send a query packet to the router.
What are the rules for summarizing stub router behavior? 2
-Orginating query packets from stub to distribution router not modified
-Processing recieved packtes; it is allowed to answer queries from distribution if the route is allowed to be advertised by the stub router (leak-map/connected/summary)
What happens when a stub router recieves a query for a route the stub router is not allowed to reply?
Stub router will reply with an infinite distance
What are the advantages for EIGRP stub routing? 3
-prevent suboptimal routing in hub-and-spoke networks
-prevents stub routers with low-speed to be transit routers
-prevents number of query packets  (faster convergence)
What is the command to enable stub and what is the default?
(config-router)#eigrp stub

Router will by default advertise connected/summary
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