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Study Cards on bgp, neighbor, routers

What are the checks before BGP Neighbours can form a neighbor relationship?
1.Router must recieve tcp connection with source address configured that router finds in a BGP neighbor command
2. Router's ASN must match with its neigbour remote-as asn command
3. BGP RID's not the same
4. If configure, MD5 must pass
What is BGP keep alive timer used for?
To maintain neighbor relationship and how often that router send BGP Keepalive mesage
What is BGP hold timer used for?
Hold times is used to define how long a router will wait without recieving keepalive message before resetting a neighbor connection
What happens when the BGP open message keep alive timer of 2 bgp routers do not match?
The lower both values is used
Mismatched settings do not prevent the routers from being neighbors
True of false. Only one of the two routers' update source IP address needs to in the other router's neighbour command to come up (neighbour update-source
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