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Study Cards on confederations, as_path, sub-asn

How do confederations eBGP peer connections act like?
They act like true eBGP peers in some respects
Which 2 components help prevent loops within confederations autonomous systems?
What is not changed with confederations eBGP connections?
Are confederations ASN's part if the AS_PATH length when a router chooses the best routes based on  the shortest AS_PATH?
What do confederations remove when the AS_PATH updates are sent outside the confederation?
Remove confederation ASN's from the AS_PATH
What is the true ASN?
The real ASN (autonomous system) and NOT the sub-AS
What is the subcommand used for confederations to identify a neighboring AS as another AS as another sub-AS?
bgp confederation peers sub-asn sub-asn sub-asn etc

All of the sub-asn's must be configured within the conferation AS. (CBT scalability confederations 29:30)
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