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Study Cards on ebgp, routes, route

How does BGP determine the best route? 4
1. Choose the route with shortest AS_PATH
2. If AS_PATH is a tie, prefer eBGP over iBGP routes
3. If route has not been chosen, choose route with lowest IGP metric to NEXT_HOP route
4. If metric ties, choose iBGP-learned route with lowest BGP RID of advertising router
What is the default action for advertised routes with eBGP?
Change the NEXT_HOP to the update source IP address
What is the eBGP command to switch to other behavior of the next hop?
Neighbor.... next-hop-unchanged
Which routes does BGP not include in an update?
iBGP/eBGP routes that are not considered  "best"
iBGP/eBGP routes matched by a deny clause in an outbound filter
iBGP iBGP-learned routes
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