5 questions on "Managing Distribution of Multicast with IGMP - IGMP Version"

What are the field of an IGMP message? 4
-Group adress

What are the 4 type message defined by IGMPv2?
-Membership Query
-Membership report Version 1
-Membership report Version 2
-Leave group message
What are the features of IGMPv2? 4
-Leave Group messages
-Group specific Query messages
-Maximum response Time field
-Querier election process (lowest address)

What is the abbreviation for MRT and what does it mean?
Maximum Response Time field: A field in Query messages that permits the router to specify the MRT. This field allows for tuning the response time for the Host Membership Report.

This feature can be useful when a large number of groups are active on a subnet and you want to decrease the burstiness of the responses by spreading the responses over a longer period of time.
What is the command to join a specific multicast group from a router (client simulation on a router)? How can you test if multicast is working?
R1#(config-if)ip igmp join-group 

R2# ping repeat 10
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