4 questions on "Operation of Protocol Independent Multicast Dense Mode"

What does the C and T flag mean?
What is the RPF neighbor?
Which interface is the traffic forwarded?
R3# show ip mroute

(,, 00:00:12/00:02:48, flags: CT
Incoming interface: Serial0/1, RPF nbr
Outgoing interface list:
FastEthernet0/0, Forward/Dense, 00:00:12/00:00:00
C-flag directly connected
T-flag traffic forwarded on shortest path tree


forward interface fastethernet 0/0
What is the state of interface serial 0/1? When will the router flood again if no prune message is recieved?

Incoming interface: Serial0/0, RPF nbr
Outgoing interface list:
Serial0/1, Prune/Dense, 00:00:08/00:02:52

This means that no traffic is forwarding over serial 0/1

2:52 min/sec
What is default prune timer? What happens when a router does not recieve a prune message?
3 min

When prune timer expires traffic will flood again
When is prune message sent? 3
-Recieving packets on a non-RPF interface
-No locally connected hosts
-No downstream routers
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