7 questions on "IP Multicast Routing - Implementing IPv6 Multicast PIM"

What is the default with the interfaces when the command ipv6 multicast-routing is used?
All IPv6 interfaces are enabled with pim sparse mode
What is the command to change the DR priority?
(config-if)#ip pim dr-priority
(config-if)#ipv6 pim dr-priority
higer value is better
What is the command to change PIMv6 hello-interval?
(config-if)#ipv6 pim hello-interval x

Only available for ipv6
What are the options for RP assigment with IPv6?
-static assignment
-Embedded RP approach
What is the command to displays information about IPv6 multicast range lists?

Device# show ipv6 pim range-list

config SSM Exp:never Learnt from :::
FF33::/32 Up:00:26:33
FF34::/32 Up:00:26:33
config SM RP:40::1:1:1 Exp:never Learnt from :::
FF13::/64 Up:00:03:50
What is the command to join multicast group FF08::01 on a router?
(config-if)ipv6 mld join-group ff08::1
What is the command to check ipv6 pim interfaces?

R1# show ipv6 pim interface

Interface          PIM  Nbr   Hello  DR
                        Count Intvl  Prior

Ethernet0          on   0     30     1    
    DR     :this system
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