8 good questions and answers: "Step 3: Highest Local Preference (LOCAL_PREF)"

What is the command to set LOCAL_PREF?
route-map higher-local-pref permit 10
match ip address 11

route-map higher-local-pref permit 20 (to permit any routes not specified in clause 10)

access-list 11 permit

router bgp 123
neighbor x.x.x.x route-map higher-local-pref
match ip address 11
set local-preference 200
What PA is the LOCAL_PREF?
Well-known discretionary
What is the purpose for LOCAL_PREF?
Identifies the best exit point from the AS to reach the NLRI
What is the scope for LOCAL_PREF?
Throughout the AS in which it was set, including confederation sunASs
What is the default value for LOCAL_PREF?
What is the range for LOCAL_PREF?
0 through (2 32 -1)
What is the command to change the default for LOCAL_PREF?
(config-router)#bgp default local-preference <0-4294967295>
What value is better for LOCAL_PREF?
Higher values are better
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