5 good questions and answers: "Dynamically Finding the RP Using Auto-RP"

Why is static RP suboptimal?
-when there are may different RP's for different groups
-when RP fails, downtime for reconfiguration a different RP
What are the two steps for configuring Auto-RP?
1. Configure RP-announce messages for which multicast groups the router is a RP for.
2. Configure Mapping agent which learn all the RP and multicast groups
What does the mapping agent?
The mapping agent learns all the RPs and multicast groups. The mapping agent send a multicast RP-discovery message , that identifies the RP for each range of multicast group addresses
What does the command (config)#ip pim autorp listerner?
Auto-RP traffic (annoucement and mapping information) is flooded automatically without configuring ip pim-sparse-dense-mode
What is the command to configure a router as an Auto-RP mapping agent?
(config)#ip pim send-rp-discovery scope x (x=ttl-scope)
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