4 good questions and answers about "Summary of PIM-DM Messages"

What is definition of PIM Hello message? 2

-Used to form neighbor adjacencies with other PIM routers, and to maintain adjacencies by monitoring for received Hellos from each neighbor.
-Also used to elect a PIM DR on multiaccess networks with IGMPv1
What is definition of PIM Prune message?

Used to ask a neighboring router to remove the link over which the
Prune flows from that neighboring router’s outgoing interface list for
a particular (S,G) SPT.
What is definition of PIM State Refresh message?

Used by a downstream router, sent to an upstream router on an RPF
interface, to cause the upstream router to reset its Prune timer. This
allows the downstream router to maintain the pruned state of a link,
for a particular (S,G) SPT
What is definition of Graft/Graft-Ack message?

When a pruned link needs to be added back to an (S,G) SPT, a
router sends a Graft message to its RPF neighbor. The RPF neighbor
acknowledges with a Graft-Ack.
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