3 questions on "Multicast Routing Basics - Overview of Multicast Routing Protocols"

What are dense-mode routing protocols? 3

What is the command to check if RPF failed?
R1#sh ip mroute count
IP Multicast Statistics
1 routes using 562 bytes of memory
1 groups, 0.00 average sources per group
Forwarding Counts: Pkt Count/Pkts per second/Avg Pkt Size/Kilobits per second
Other counts: Total/RPF failed/Other drops(OIF-null, rate-limit etc)

Group:, Source count: 1, Packets forwarded: 0, Packets received: 6
  Source:, Forwarding: 0/0/0/0, Other: 2/1/1
What is the RPF rule?
Source address of the multicast must match the source list of the outgoing interface thats is the actual interface on which the packet is recieved on.

If not do not replicate and forward the packet.
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