Summary: Cell Biology - Histology (Own Notes)

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  • 1 Epithelial and gland tissue

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  • Of which two things does basal lamina consist?

    - Glycoproteins;
    - Collagen fibers.
  • With what does a desmosome connect adjacent cells to each other?

    With filaments.
  • What is the function of a tight junction?

    Block the flow of fluids between cells.
  • What is the function of gap junctions?

    They connect cells by allowing communication between cells, which they do by transporting ions from one cell to the other.
  • What does it mean that epithelial cells are avascular and innervated?

    They have no blood vessels, but they are supplied with nerves.
  • Why is it useful that epithelial cells regenerate very quickly?

    Because of their position at the boundary of some part of the body and the exterior, they are often exposed to friction and injury.
  • How can you classify epithelial cells based on the shape of the cells?

    1. Squamous cells: flat;
    2. Cuboidal cells: medium height;
    3. Columnar cells: high, column-like cells.
  • When you would describe some epithelial tissue, how would you use the classifications number of layers and shape?

    You put them together, like 'simple squamous epithelium' (one layer of flat cells).
  • Which two kinds of simple squamous epithelium are identified?

    - Endothelium;
    - Mesothelium.
    (They differ in their location in the body)
  • What kind of epithelium is perfect for secretion and absorption?

    Simple cuboidal epithelium and simple columnar epithelium.

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