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Summary Cell biology - Histology

- Cell biology - Histology
- Verheijen; van Weering; Luirink; Smit; Molenaar
- 2018 - 2019
- Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
- Biomedical Sciences
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A snapshot of the summary - Cell biology - Histology

  • Epithelia and gland tissue

  • Which 4 classes of basic types of tissues are there?
    1. Epithelial Tissue
    2. Connective Tissue
    3. Muscle Tissue
    4. Nervous Tissue
  • In a few words, how can you describe epithelial tissue?
    Epithelial tissue is tissue that covers things in the body.
  • Where in the body can epithelial tissue be found?
    - The outer layer of the skin;
    - Body cavities and respiratory and digestive systems;
    - Layers in blood vessels;
    - Layers of some organs.
  • Which two kinds of epithelium could you identify, seen the place in the body?
    - Covering and lining epithelium (everything that enters the body has to pass epithelium);
    - Glandular epithelium (the glands of the body).
  • Which two surfaces does an epithelial cell have?
    - The apical surface (the surface exposed to the exterior);
    - The basal surface (attached to connective tissue and the rest of the organism).
  • How can the apical surface of an epithelial cell be lined?
    - It can be smooth;
    - or it can be lined with microvilli.
  • What stage do all types of tissue share in common together?
    They all have the same embryonic origin
  • What is the function of microvilli on the apical surface of an epithelial cell?
    It increases the surface, which is handy for absorption and secretion.
  • What is the endoderm germ layer and where do you find this tissue?
    It is digestive tissue and is found in the lung
  • What is the mesoderm germ layer and where do you find this tissue?
    It is connective tissue and found in muscles
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