Metalbolism - Function within animal - Energy

8 important questions on Metalbolism - Function within animal - Energy

What are metabolic activities?

  • Growth
  • Repair
  • Maintenance 

What is te big picture of Energy

Ecosystems depend on a continuous input of energy. A selfsufficient ecosystem contains 3 types of organisms – producers (plants), consumers (animals), and decomposers (bacteria, fungi) and includes a physical environment in which they can survive. These organisms depend on one another and on the environment for nutrients, energy, oxygen and carbon dioxide. However, there is a one-way flow of energy through ecosystems. Organisms can neither create nor use it with complete efficiency. During every energy transaction, some energy disperses into the environment as heat and is no longer available to the organism.

What is the sun energy?

This radiant energy flows from the sun as electro-magnetic waves and plants and other photosynthetic organism capture about 0.02% of the sun's energy

What about Energy in cells?

Cells obtain energy in many forms, but that energy can seldom be used directly. Therefore, the cells have mechanisms that convert energy from one form to another

What is the function of photosynthetic organisms?

Photosynthetic organisms convert radiant energy to chemical energy in the bonds of organic molecules. This chemical energy comes available to plants and animals through the process of cellular respiration (organic molecules are broken apart and their energy is converted to more immediately usable forms)

Which processes drive which processes?

In cells, energy-releasing (exergonic) processes drive energy-requiring (endergonic) processes

What are the 3 main sources of energy?

  1. Glycogen stores in the muscle
  2. Glucose from the blood
  3. Fatty acids from the blood 

It depends on energy pathways (aerobic or anaerobic) and availabillity

What is the main subtstance oxidized within the body? And what is the process

Glucose (a sugar)
Glucose + oxygen -> carbon dioxide + water + energy (2800kj)

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