Digestive system - Absorption in the small intestine

6 important questions on Digestive system - Absorption in the small intestine

What does the enormous microvillar do?

The enormous microvillar surface creates a bush border (bostel grens) that greatly increases the rate of nutrient absorption

What happends within the transport?

Transport across the epithelial cells can be passive or active depending (Afhankelijk) on the nutrient

What is the function of the hepatic portal vein?

The hepatic portal vein carries nutrient-rich blood from the capillaries of the villi to the liver, then to the heart

What is the function of the liver?

The liver regulates nutrient distribution, interconverts (omzetten) many organic molecules and detoxifies (ontgiftigen) many organic molecules

Whereto are chylomicrons transported?

Chylomicrons are transported into a lacteal, a lymphatic vessel (lympfevat) in each villus (Darmvlok)

What do lymphatic vessels deliver?

Lymphatic vessels deliver chylomicron-containing lymph to large veins that return blood to the heart

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