Kidneys - Nephron osmoregulation

5 important questions on Kidneys - Nephron osmoregulation

What is the function of the ADH within the nephron osmoregulation?

ADH makes the collection duct (opvangkanalen) walls more permeable (doorlaatbaar)

What happends when the ducts are pass? And on which place is a salty tissue added?

More water is reabsorbed from the filtrate as the ducts pass through the salty tissues of the medulla.

Where does it depend on if the urine which is released into the pelvis is more or less concentrated?

Depending upon the blood concentration

By which process or food will there be produced more concentrated urine?

By excessive sweating and eating salty food will produce concentrated urine

What feeding/weather sources will produce dilute urine?

Drinking and cold weather will produce dilute urine

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