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Summary Chemical Ideas

- central Chris Otter
ISBN-10 0435631497 ISBN-13 9780435631499
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A snapshot of the summary - Chemical ideas Author: central Chris Otter ISBN: 9780435631499

  • 1 Agriculture and Industry

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  • How do you calculate the atom economy?

    (Mr of useful product/ Mr of reactants) x 100

  • 1.1 Green chemical process

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  • What are potential benefits of using a certain industrial method?

    - high percentage yield

    - solvent can be recycled = does not damage the environment through waste disposal 

    - no toxic products

    - high atom economy

  • How can chemists help farmers improve food?

    - pesticides

    - control soil pH

  • Suggest two reasons why CO isn't released into the atmosphere?

    - it's toxic

    - it can be burnt as a fuel

  • What are the environmental hazards of making benzophenone? 

    - HCl is produced = toxic

    - aluminium compounds are wasted

    - benzene is toxic and hazardess 

  • What are the benefits of recycling?

    - minimise waste

    - reduce energy consumption

    - reduce feedstock consumption

  • What difficulties arise when recycling plastics?

    Sorting different types of plastics as they have similar properties. As a result, most recycled plastics are mixtures of different polymers.

  • Why does recycling aluminium mean a large saving of emitted carbon dioxide compared to other materials e.g. glass?

    The process of extracting aluminium consumes a large amount of energy which is produced from burning fossil fuels. Less fuel is needed to recycle aluminium.

  • What hazard arises when using sodamide? How is it minimised? 

    Reacts violently with water

    Keep under anhydrous conditions 

  • What hazard arises when using pyridine? How is it minimised? 

    Highly flammable

    Keep in  a sealed container & incinerate excess gas 

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