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Summary Chemie van het leven

- Chemie van het leven
- 2021 - 2022
- Universiteit Leiden (Universiteit Leiden, Leiden)
- Informatica
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A snapshot of the summary - Chemie van het leven

  • Chapter 2 - Part 1

  • What are virtually all medicines/drugs? (such as aspirin, gleevec and lipitor)
    Organics molecules
  • One of the first man made medicine?
  • What is the drug lipitor good for?
    Effective drug maintaining cholestral
  • Concept 2.2: An element's properties depend on the structure of its atoms.

  • What subatomic particles does an atom have?
    Neutron, that has no electrical charge. A proton, that has a positive charge and an electron, that has a negative charge.
  • Concept 2.2: Atoms and electrons

  • What is an electron shell?
    An electron shell/ energy level is an electron's state of potential energy.
  • What is the OCTET rule?
    A rule that states that to achieve a stable configuration, elements need 8 electrons in their outermost shell.  (exception H, He, Li)
  • Concept 2.1: All matter is created from the fundamental elements

  • What is a compound?
    A compound is what we consider as the combination between/ substance consisting of two or more elements in a fixed ratio. Also called molecule.
  • What are the most important elements? (in perspective of the living system)
    Carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen (96% of living matter)
  • What elements are the remaining 4% of the living system?
    Calcium, phosphorus, potassium and sulfur.
  • What are trace elements?
    Trace elements are in large amount very toxic, but are required by organisms in only minute quatities.
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