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Summary Chemistry

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A snapshot of the summary - Chemistry Author: Hannah Quinn

  • 1 Atomic structure

  • What is the difference between a compound and a mixture?
    Compounds are two or more elements chemically bonded together whereas mixtures are physically mixed.
  • The Law of conservation of mass
    The total mass of the products formed in a reaction is equal to the total mass of reactants.
  • What are the four ways to separate mixtures?
  • What did Democritus discover?
    The concept of dividing matter into smaller and smaller pieces until you can't divide it anymore. He called the smallest pieces atoms.
  • What did JJ Thomson discover?
    He discovered negatively charged particles called electrons. So he proposed the plum pudding model, that negatively charged electrons are embedded in a positively charged cloud.
  • What did Rutherford discover?
    The nucleus, that the positive charge (protons) must be concentrated in a tiny nucleus. The gold foil experiment.
  • What did Niels Bohr discover?
    He suggested electrons must be orbiting the nucleus at set distances in fixed shells.
  • What did James Chadwick discover?
    That neutrons exists in the nucleus. As they have no charge they are difficult to detect.
  • What are mass and atom numbers?
    Mass number is the bigger one and it is the protons and neutrons
    Atom number is the smaller one and is the electrons, so also protons.
  • 2 The Periodic Table

  • Who developed the periodic table?
    Mendeleev in 1869
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