Summary: Ci Overview Of Essentials Of Thecourse | tilo hartman

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Read the summary and the most important questions on CI overview of essentials of thecourse | tilo hartman

  • 3 Anita van hoof

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  • 3.1 Sheets

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  • News diversity was studied as:

    What: Diversity-as-sent
    Level: Horizontal and vertical diversity
    Norm: Open diversity and reflexive diversity
  • Problem of News Diversity

    • Diversity of political coverage is hard to reach and may be increasingly under stress
    • Hard to reach: multiparty system, complexity of political reality
    • Increasingly under stress: media follow their own logic in stead of the political logic
  • Distortion in trends in diversity by BIASED COVERAGE

    Partisan Bias and Structural Bias
  • Conclusion Anita van Hoof (diversity)

    News diversity is dynamic
    – Less attention for coalition parties
    – Television news is more diverse with regard to political parties
    – We see a shift away from the left-right issue dimension
    – Television news is less diverse with regard to issue dimensions

    • Positive trend for open diversity of party types
  • Conclusion Anita van Hoofd (Bias)

    Overrepresentation of coalition parties from reflective norm
    - Level of overrepresentation changes over the years
    + Level of open diversity of ideology is stable
    - Nature of diversity of ideology changes over time
    + differences between media are small
  • 3.2 article

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  • Main results (Van Hoof, Jacobi, Ruigrok)

    News diversity varies over time. Diversity for party types increased over time. For diversity of issue dimensions, we did not find  a  clear trend. Television news  is, compared to newspapers, more diverse for party types but less diverse on issue dimensions.
  • Optimal level of news diversity (Van Hoof, Jacobi, Ruigrok)

    When news  attention reflects the power base of these parties in Parliament. The findings showed that  attention for coalition parties is always overrepresented in the news. This is in line with the  literature on media logic. However, the level of overrepresentation is not a constant. 
  • 4 Jos Bartels

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  • 4.1 Sheets

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  • Environmental Dimension (CSR)

    One of the most commonly applied CSR dimensions is that of environmental issues, conceived as corporate support for the natural environment.
    • Examples are the use of clean energy, pollution prevention, the production of environmentally friendly products, sustainable management systems, recycling programs and hazardous waste management.
  • Community dimension (CSR)

    Another frequently applied CSR dimension is community support, which is defined as a company’s support of local communities.
    • Examples of community support are charitable contributions, arts and health programs, educational initiatives, housing, generous/innovative giving, positive overseas labor practices and volunteer programs.
  • Employee dimension (CSR)

    The third CSR dimension is employee support, which concerns a company’s
    involvement in employee-related issues.
    • Examples include health and safety, job security, employee engagement, profit sharing, favorable union relations and retirement benefits as well as encouragement of employees to develop skills and careers and concern about employees’ needs and wants.

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