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Summary Circulatory Health 1

- Circulatory Health 1
- M. Bierhuizen
- 2015 - 2016
- Universiteit Utrecht
- geneeskunde
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A snapshot of the summary - Circulatory Health 1

  • HC - Refreshing lecture

  • Steps of excitation-contraction coupling?
    1. AP enters cell -> opens voltage-gated Ca-channels
    2. Ca uptake cell membrane L-type Ca-channel
    3. Ca SR -> cytosol via RYR2 (calcium induced calcium release)
    4. Ca binds troponin C
    5. Myosin-Actin interaction
    6. Contraction
    7. Ca uptake SERCA/PLN ATP-dependent cytosol -> SR
    8. Ca efflux via sodium-calcium-exchanger. Balance K-Na-pump.
  • Consequence less functional myosin heavy chain?
    Cardiomyopathy -> HF
  • Consequence less functional SR, Serca, PLN?
    Less forceful contraction
  • Difference resting phase autorithmic cell/ventricular cell?
    Auto: Funny channels. Spontaneously Na/K passing channels. Slow depolarisation
  • What happens when threshold is reached AP?
    Ca-channels open -> depolarisation en Ca for contraction. After that K-channels open -> repolarisation
  • Where does contraction of ventricles start?
  • Consequence loss/gain function K-channels?
    Loss -> Long QT-syndrom
    Gain -> short QT-syndrom
  • Dysfunction intercalated discs?
    Arrhythmia, cardiomyopathy, HF
  • HC - Cell-Based Therapies for cardiac repair

  • Therapy option HF?
    Medicine (symptoms)
    Left ventricular assist device
  • Isolation cells choices and challenges?
    Blood cells, BM, Cardiac, Embryonic stem cells, iPS

    BM/blood -> supporting cells, but not HMC

    Embryonic: Ethical, teratoma, purification

    Cardiac: Vascularisation + HMC. Isolation from oracle, Sca-1-marker, filter with magnet

    iPS: Reprogramming to embryonic stem cells. Select carefully (same embryonic) 

    Challenges: Purity, number, differentiation
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