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Summary CIVL 430 Conceptual Questions

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A snapshot of the summary - CIVL 430 Conceptual Questions

  • 1 Structural Design

  • What are the typical structural costs for a concrete building?
    50 - 100 $/sqft
  • Typical fees for a structural consultant?
    1-3% of total cost
  • What are the BC Building Code's Letters of Assurance?
    Legal documents putting responsibility on the professional
    Schedule B - Commitment to field review and assurance of professional design
    Schedule C - Assurance of field review and compliance (before occupancy)
  • What are the major tasks structural consultants do in addition to their fee?
    - Consult with architect
    - Provide information to builder/support during construction
    - Structural design/drawings
    - Conduct Field Review
  • What is the definition of a limit state?
    Condition of a building rendering it incapable of not fulfilling its intended use
  • What happens when a member reaches its ULS
    The structure is no longer safe
  • What happens when a member reaches its SLS? What could cause this?
    Restricted use of the building, excessive deflection
  • What is the range of live loads?
    1.9 - 4.8 kPa
  • If tributary area is very large? What will be the reduction factor on LL?
  • What are the resistance factors for concrete, steel and prestressing steel?
    0.65, 0.85, 0.9
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