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Summary Cognitive neuroscience - minor

- Cognitive neuroscience - minor
- Vu
- 2015 - 2016
- Universiteit van Amsterdam
- Communicatiewetenschap
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A snapshot of the summary - Cognitive neuroscience - minor

  • introduction & morphology

  • Describe localisation of function
    Each part in our brain is very different, but not unique. It had its own place according to its function
  • Who are the two founding fathers of neuroscience and what was their theory?
    Camillo Golgi: reticular theory > neurons are always attached
    Santiago Romn y Coyal: neuron theory > there are physical gaps between neurons
  • Name three phsychological trics tests and explain
    - stroop test 
    - monkey buisiness illusion test
    - change blindless 
  • Describe the concepts: white matter and gray matter
    The brain consists out of white matter, fibres of axon and covered by an insulting layer of gilal cells (myelin), and gray matter, where the cell bodies are > outer part is called the cortical layer. 
  • What are the two different ways to do morphology?
    - In vivo: fill the cell when the animal is alive, kill it and then slice the brain
    - In vitro: kill the animal and cut the cells and then fill it
  • What are advantages and disadvantages of in vitro and in vivo
    Advantage of in vitro is that it is easier to do, but in vivo gets a more detailed image of the neurons. 
  • What is experimental ablation?
    Researchers destroy some tissue 
  • What are lesions and what are two examples of lesions?
    Lesions is the same as ablation, the detroyed tissue is called a brain lesion. There are exitotoxic lesions where they inject the tissue with an excitatory amino acid so that the receptors get over activated and are destroyed. Sham lesions are placebo lesions, where the effect of the lesion is not there, they for example use muscimol. 
  • What is stereotaxic surgery?
    A type of surgery where they use a device called a stereotaxic to cut open the scalp. The bregma is the reference point that is used as an atlas. 
  • What is a histological method?
    Examining brain tissue underneath a microscope. The brain tissue is hardened with a fixative such as formalin (which also kills micro organisms) and then sliced.
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