Summary Cognitive Neuroscience: The Biology of the Mind (Fourth Edition) Book cover image

Summary Cognitive Neuroscience: The Biology Of The Mind (Fourth Edition)

- Michael Gazzaniga, et al
ISBN-10 0393913481 ISBN-13 9780393913484
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A snapshot of the summary - Cognitive Neuroscience: The Biology of the Mind (Fourth Edition) Author: Michael Gazzaniga Richard B Ivry George R Mangun ISBN: 9780393913484

  • 2 structure and function of the nervous system

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  • how do we call the basic signaling units that transmit information throughout the nervou system?
  • how do we call nonneural cells that serve various functions in the nervous system?
    glial cells
  • what are the functions of glial cells?
    among others; 
    • providing structural support and electrical insulation to neurons
    • modulating neuronal activity 
  • how do we call the part of the neuron that the cell membrane encases?
    the soma, or cell body
  • what are the two predominant cellular components unique to neurons?
    • dendrites and axons
  • how do we call the branching extensions of the neuron that receive inputs from other neurons?
  • how do we call little knobs attached by small necks to the surface of the dendrites, where input from other neurons is received?
  • how do we call a single process that extend from the cell body of a neuron that is the output side of the neuron?
    the axon
  • how do we call a specialized structure where two neurons come into close contact so that signals can be transferred between cells?
  • how do we call it when an axon branches so it can transmit signals to more than one cell?
    axon collaterals (the branches)

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