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- Grassland Science
- --
- 2014 - 2015
- Wageningen University (Wageningen University, Wageningen)
- Animal Sciences
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  • 2 Taxonomy, morphology and development

  • What is the family name of grasses?
    Gramineae or Poaeae
  • Where does the phytomer exists of?
    - Blade
    - Ligule & auricles
    - Sheath
    - Node
    - Internode
    - Tiller bud
  • Where doest the tiller excist of?
    Stacked phytomers and at the bottom: Leaf lamina, leaf sheath, emerging tiller, developing leaf, stem apex and leaf primorida and the tiller bud
  • What is the grass plant it total?
    A collection of tillers and branches
  • What are the charasteristics of tillers?
    - Grow from basal phytomers on mother tiller
    - Are similar to mother tiller in size and shape
    - Produce their own roots (partly independent)
  • What are the charasteristics of axillary branches?
    - Grow from phytomers higher up in the mother tiller
    - Are generally shorter and have fewer phytomers than mother tiller
    - Have no roots (fully dependent)
  • What are stolons and rhizomes?
    - Horizontal stems (have nodes)
    - Produce roots at the nodes
    - Vegtative propagation (cloning)
  • What types of inflorescence are there?
    - Raceme
    - Spike
    - Panicle
  • Where does a spike/panicle composed of?
  • What are the charasteristics of lucerne?
    - Highest protein production of all forages
    - Basal crown gives rise to max 25 shoots to 1 m tall
    - Highly branching
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