Summary Consumer Behaviour:A European Perspective Book cover image

Summary Consumer Behaviour:a European Perspective

- Michael R Solomon, et al
ISBN-10 0273772724 ISBN-13 9780273772729
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A snapshot of the summary - Consumer Behaviour:A European Perspective Author: Michael R Solomon, Gary Bamossy, Soren Askegaard, Margaret K Hogg ISBN: 9780273772729

  • 1 An introduction to consumer behaviour

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  • 1.1 Consuming in Europe? The European consumer?

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  • Which perspective is emphasizes in this book?
    The perspective of role theory: consumers can be choosers, communicators, identity-seekers, pleasure-seekers, victims, rebels and activists. 
  • What important aspect misses in the three stage consumption process?
    Consumer behaviour involves many different actors.
  • 1.2 Consumers' impact on marketing strategy

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  • Why should managers bother consumer behaviour?
    The basic of marketing concept states that firms exist to satisfy needs. => marketers can only satisfy these needs if they understand the consumer
  • What are the four categories and their variables of market segmentation?
    1. Demographics: measure observable aspects of a population. 
      Social class, occupation, income
      Ethnic group, religion
      Stage in life
      Puchaser vs. user
    2. Geographic
      Country differences
    3. Psychographic: differences in consumers' personalities and tastes which can't be measured objectively.
      Self-concept, personality
    4. Behavioural: patterns and fashions
      Brand loyalty, extent of usage
      Usage situation
      Benefits desired
  • 1.3 Marketing's impact on consumers

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  • What is global consumer behaviour?
    People are united by the common devotion to brand-name consumer goods, film stars and rock stars.

    Relevant: cultural homogenization
  • 2 A consumer society

  • 2.1 Consumer culture

  • What are the six aspects of consumer culture?
    1. Provides meaning and structure  to the way we live
    2. It can be positive and negative frame of reference
    3. More decisive for our personal and social identities than your job
    4. Consumption choises are statements about personality, values, aspirations, sympathies and antipathies and social realtions.
    5. Consumption is to be taken seriously (personal / social / economic)
    6. Our roles as consumer in consumption system
  • 2.2 The meaning of things

  • Why is meaning often the main reason for consumption?
    Cultural symbols/product meanings are powerful and self-fulfilling
  • How does meaning transfer work?
    Destinations of movement: Cultural values/symbols => consumer goods > individual consumer.
    Instrument of movement: Advertising and fashion systems => Consumption rituals

  • What are examples of cultural categories?
    • Times of day ( leasure or work)
    • Gender (masc or fem)
    • Occasions
    • Groups of people
  • What are 4 distinctive types of consuming activities that give meaning to products?
    1. Experience = personal / emotional / aesthetic
    2. Integration = ingroup
    3. Classification = outgroup
    4. Play = shared experience

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