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Summary Content Guide: Geschiedenis van Japan voor 1868 (History of Japan before 1868)

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A snapshot of the summary - Content Guide: Geschiedenis van Japan voor 1868 (History of Japan before 1868)

  • 1 Prehistory and Protohistory

  • 1.1.2 key developments

  • What was the religion of the Jōmon?
    Jōmon people shared fertility cults.
  • How was the pottery style?
    The Jōmon and the Yayoi had each a distinct style of pottery.
  • What type of artifacts did the Yayoi have?
    The Yayoi had Bronze artifacts like bells, swords, and mirrors.
  • In what type of housing did people start to live in from the Yayoi period forward?
    Most of the population started to live in dug pit houses.
  • What is mentioned in the records of the first Chinese missions to Japan?
    Small 'states' , and accounts of a female ruler(s) (Himiko).
  • What do archeological accounts suggest?
    They suggest there was widespread warfare between smaller political entities.
  • 1.1.3 key persons

  • Who was a key figure in the Yayoi period?
  • 1.2.2 key developments

  • What was "Japan" developing in?
    "Japan" developed from a land with numerous small political entities into a unified state.
  • Where does the name of the Kofun period come from?
    It comes from the numerous burial mounds (Kofun=old grave(s)), some of them shaped like large keyholes.
  • Are grave treasures infuenced?
    Yes, grave treasures like mural paintings and items are greatly influenced by China and Korea.
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