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Summary Contested Universalities of International Law. Islam's struggle with modernity

- Contested Universalities of International Law. Islam's struggle with modernity
- Efrahim Afsah
- 2015 - 2016
- University of Copenhagen
- International Law
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A snapshot of the summary - Contested Universalities of International Law. Islam's struggle with modernity

  • 1 Artikel van Ebrahim Afsah

  • 1.1 Welcome and introduction

  • Legal norms contained in dogmatic texts, be they religious or constitutional in nature, often diverge substantially from the observed social reality
  • There is only one state model and the administrative capabilities of all states, that is their ability to deliver services, establish order, and carry out executive decisions, are very similar.
  • States that are unable to deliver adequate services to their citizens will have to deal with the effects of popular dissatisfaction that can take many forms including violent arrests.
  • Rather than looking at many different variables, individuals and groups can best be understood by focussing on a very small set of essential characteristics that determine how they think, feel and act.
  • According to the instructor, essentialism should be avoided, because it is: empirical not sustainable (duurzaam); analytically not helpful; normatively not defensible.
    All the answers
  • 1.2 Presenting the region

  • Characteristics of the Golden Age of Islam?
    -great tolerance
    -great administrative efficiency
  • Islamic political thought has been struggling with developing a realistic theory of government that takes account of the division of spiritual and political authority.
  • Remember the diversities in the population
  • Which factor contributed to the rapid (military) expansion of Muslim rule?
    Accommodation of domestic customs
  • Which country has relatively weak government tradition: Egypt - Afghanistan - Turkey
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This summary. +380.000 other summaries. A unique study tool. A rehearsal system for this summary. Studycoaching with videos.