Summary Corporate communication : a guide to theory and practice Book cover image

Summary Corporate communication : a guide to theory and practice

- Joep Cornelissen
ISBN-10 0857022431 ISBN-13 9780857022431
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A snapshot of the summary - Corporate communication : a guide to theory and practice Author: Joep Cornelissen ISBN: 9780857022431

  • 1 Defining Corporate Communication.

  • 1.3 Key Terms

  • What is a mission?
    Overriding purpose in line with the values or expectations of stakeholders

  • What are corporate objectives and goals? (SMART)
    (Precise) statement of aims or purpose (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound)
  • 2 Corporate Communication in Contemporary Oraganizations

  • 2.2 Historical Background

  • When did organizations started to use communication disciplines?
    about 150 years ago

  • What happend in the year 1800?
    Large organizations became immune to pressure from the government or the public opinion

  • What happend in the year 1900?
    Investigative journalists exposed scandals

  • What happend when the growth of the markets declined?
    Organizations hired agents to promote products and created ''in house'' communication activities

  • What is the 20th century approach towards organizational communication?
    Public Relations (PR) and Marketing

  • What is model A?
    Corporate advertising (advertising by a firm where the company, rather then its products or services is emphasized

  • What is model B?
    Direct marketing (Direct cummunications --> via post, telephone or email to customers and sales promotions --> tactics to engage the customer, including discounting, coupons, guarantees, free gifts and bonus commission)

  • What is model D?
    'Corporate ' public relations includes issues management, community relations, investor relations, media relations, internal communication and public affairs
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