Summary Corporate communication worldwide Book cover image

Summary Corporate communication worldwide

- Mariët Herlé, et al
ISBN-10 9001802443 ISBN-13 9789001802448
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A snapshot of the summary - Corporate communication worldwide Author: Mariët Herlé Carin Rustema ISBN: 9789001802448

  • 1 The communication of Organisations

  • what groups give the organisations its 'license to operate'?
    Clients, suppliers, government, neighborhood and investors.
  • 1.1 what is this book about?

  • Definition management function corporate communication
    management function responsible for communication processes, initiated from organization to promote a sustainable interaction between organization, groups of the public in internal and external environment
  • 1.4 Goals of organisations + 1.5 mission and vision

  • what are the 3 aims of communication in organisations?
    - organisational aim.
    - economic aim.
    - social aim.
  • what are the different sort of organisations? 
    non-profit; governmental organisations
    non-governmental organisations (NGO's)
    pressure groups
  • 2 Global aspects of corporate comunication

  • Who was the differentiator between low and high-context cultures?
  • What do Rokeach and Gube (1984) argue?
    "that values are the core to the indivdual personality and that values help people to maintain and enhance their self esteem. 
  • 3 Communication theory

  • forms of mass media
    radio, tv, newspaper, films
  • Broken window theory
    fix problems when they are small
  • giant hypodermic needle theory
    theory that suggests that an intended message is directly received and is accepted wholy by receiver.
  • how is the agenda setting effect measured in studies and research?
    1) find out which issues are the most important today?
    2) find out which issues people talk about 
    3) determine whether the media agenda influenced or caused the public agenda.
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