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Summary Corporate Entrepreneurship & Innovation

- Jeffrey Covin, et al
ISBN-10 1111526915 ISBN-13 9781111526917
259 Flashcards & Notes
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A snapshot of the summary - Corporate entrepreneurship & innovation Author: Jeffrey Covin, Donald Kuratko, Michael Morris ISBN: 9781111526917

  • 1 The entrepreneurial imperative in established organizations

  • 1.2 Turbulent enviroments and the embattled corporation

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  • Give examples of the external enviroment
    Competitive, customer, technological, economic and social
  • Give examples of the internal enviroment
    Structures, systems and processes
  • Why is customers a part of the embattled organization?
    Rapidly rising customer expectations force companies to customize their products and communication approach, increasing costs
  • Why is technology a part of the embattled organization?
    Companies have to change the way they operate. including: new products, new customer management, new logistics management
  • Why is competitors a part of the embattled organization?
    Competitors lead customers to entirely new market spaces, forcing companies to spend greater amounts on product development.
  • Why is legal, regulatory and ethical standards a part of the embattled organization?
    Companies are increasingly accountable to multiple stakeholders and their actions are more visible to these stakeholders. Regulatory restrictions limit choices while forcing companies to learn new ways to compete
  • 1.3 The new path to sustainable competitive advantages

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  • is there a simple formula for succes?
  • what is an important upside to external enviroments?
    it creates oppurtinity
  • what is real quest as a manager?
    creating a sustainable competitive advantage
  • what are the five key company capabilities?
    adaptibility, flexibility, speed, aggresiveness and innovativeness

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