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Summary Corporate Social Responsibility tentamen prep

- Corporate Social Responsibility tentamen prep
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A snapshot of the summary - Corporate Social Responsibility tentamen prep

  • lecture 1

  • What is the origin of csr?
    Csr started as a defence of capitalism
    businesses figured if they start adressing issues in their environment they could keep the government out of it
  • why is the voluntary nature of csr up for debate
    Csr can be defined as voluntary corporate practices aimed at furthering the social good beyond the intrest of the firm reasons for debate are this intrest of the firm part and the voluntary nature
  • lit 1

  • The Stakeholder Theory of the Corporation: Concepts, Evidence, and Implications Author(s): Thomas Donaldson and Lee E. Preston 1995 provides three elements for stakeholders what are these three elements and what defines them
    descriptive identify the stakeholders

    instrumental how do descions affect stakeholders and how do stakeholders affect descisions

  • Withi the donaldson and preston study which two models ofthe cooperation are contrasted
    The input output model and the stakeholder model the input output model entails suppliers the firm and consumers and the firm is influenced by investors and employees whereas the stakeholder model has influences between all elements goig both ways as well as tking in account other stakeholders such as governments
  • lecture 2

  • What is neo liberalism and what does it get blamed for? What is the most important thing to remember about neo liberal thinking?
    1Political concept that refers to the fact of a 2global economy that
    3strives for free markets
    4 free trade and
    5 financial liberalization 

    it is blamed for a lot of thinigs such as poverty inequality and the erosion of th welfare state    

  • What are the fundamental differences between the wall party and the web party in relation to globalization?
    The wall party strives to fence of internal markets they are disablers and have fundamental misunderstandings of the global economy as there are no more national spheres to be fenced off

    web party concists of enablers, they connect people and ideas and encourage innovation and econmic development.
  • literature 2

  • Scherer et al 2006 look at the role of tnc's in global governace what is the main conclusion?
    conventional economic theory is reluctant to accept any intrinsic social responsibility for business firms but contemporary society has pushed firms in a direction where they have to.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility, Democracy, and the Politicization of the Corporation  revolves around which 'tectonic shift'
    The shift of power from government to tnc
  • lecture 3

  • Do csr practices differ across context and if so how and why?
    Philantropic, integration inovation. Absence or presence of regulation.
  • What are the  5 aspects of institutions in institutional theory
    1The conventional, 2standardized, 3agreed upon patterns of behavior that give 4meaning to and 5maintain social order
PLEASE KNOW!!! There are just 93 flashcards and notes available for this material. This summary might not be complete. Please search similar or other summaries.
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