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Summary Cross Cultural Global Mental Health

- Marit
- 2018 - 2019
- Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
- Psychologie
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A snapshot of the summary - Cross Cultural Global Mental Health

  • 1 Introduction

  • 1.1 College

  • Why is it important to look at global mental health?
    Life-time prevalence high

    80% of individuals with mental health problems live in LMIC

    High total burden of disease
  • Where did mental health develop?
    institutions in islamic world (8th century)
  • Of what did treatment consist in 8th century?
    physical and psychosocial treatments
  • When did psychiatric institutions establish in europe+
    12 - 15 century
  • How did mental health care spread around the world?
    During colonialism -> mental asylums across africa and asia

    -> still dominant (LMIC)
  • Why was there a shift in the 50-60s from institutional care to community based mental health care? (5)
    belief in efficacy

    institutionalization was bad (abusive conditions, negative effects)


    discovery of antipsychotics

    appreciation of human rights
  • When did research in LMIC grow?
    2000: epidemiological studies

    2005: RCTs
  • What is the circle of adapting and testing complex interventions? (Craig) (4)

    feasibility and piloting


  • What is mixed method research?
    combi of qualitative and quantitative
  • What are characteristics of qualitative research? (7)
    exploratory research


    observations, interviews

    snow-ball or purposive sampling

    no uniform procedures

    audo-recording and transcript

    identifying themes
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