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Summary cs193p iphone aplication development

- Paul Hegarty
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A snapshot of the summary - cs193p iphone aplication development Author: Paul Hegarty

  • 1 1. Class Logistics, Overview of iOS, MVC, Objective-C

  • 1.1 MVC

  • What does the term MVC mean?

    Model View Controller

  • Which part of MVC is the controllers minion?


    The view

  • can the view "talk" to the controller? (Y/N)


  • How can the view "talk" to the controller?(4x)

    target action, delegation, data source delegation

  • Can one MVC act as minios of another MVC?


  • Is Objective C a superset of C?



  • All whats in the header files is? (Public/Private)


  • Can we have multiple inheritance in objective C?


    No we can not. Objective C is singe inheritance.

  • In which framework does NSObject "live" in?


  • This is a test.  Can you see this card Andre?
    Yes or no?
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