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Summary Cultural Anthropology

- Serena Nanda, et al
ISBN-10 1285632850 ISBN-13 9781285632858
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A snapshot of the summary - Cultural Anthropology Author: Serena Nanda Richard Warms ISBN: 9781285632858

  • 1 Anthropology and Human Diversity

  • In what ways is anthropology holistic?
    Anthropology is holistic in that it combines the study of human biology, history, and the learned and shared patterns of human behavior and thought we call culture in order to analyze human groups.
  • 1.1 Biological or Physical Anthropology

  • What is the focus of study of biological anthropology?
    They study humankind from a biological perspective, focusing on evolution, human variation, skeletal analysis, primatology, as well as other facets of human biology.
  • What is human variation?
    The subdiscipline of biological anthropology concerned with mapping and explaining physical differences among modern human groups.
  • 1.3 Archaeology

  • What is the focus of study in archaeology?
    Archaeologists try to reconstruct past cultures through the study of their material remains.
  • 1.4 Cultural Anthropology

  • What is the focus of study of cultural anthropology?
    Cultural anthropology focuses on the learned and shared ways of behaving typical of a particular human group.
  • Name some critical issues that concern cultural anthropologists.
    Ethnocentrism, cultural relativism, race and globalization
  • What is the cultural resource management (CRM)?
    The protection and management of archaeological, archival, and architectural resources.
  • What is a society?
    A group of people who depend on one another for survival or well-being as well as the relationships among such people, including their status and role
  • 1.5 Applied Anthropology

  • What do we mean by indigenous people?
    Members of societies that have occupied a region for a long time and are recognized by other groups as its original inhabitants.
  • 1.6 Ethnocentrism

  • What is the importance of ethnocentrism in the study of different cultures?
    Anthropologists find that ethnocentrism is common among almost all people and may serve important roles in society, However, anthropology also shows the problems of judging other people through the narrow perspective of one's own culture.
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