Chile - Principal Wine Regions - Aconcagua

4 important questions on Chile - Principal Wine Regions - Aconcagua

Aconcagua Region in Chile

  • Aconcagua River
  • Mount Aconcagua > volcano, SA highest mountain
    • Aconcagua Valley
    • Casablanca Valley
    • San Antonio
  • greatest variety of soils

Aconcagua Valley in Aconcagua Region, Chile

  • Distinction east-west large
  • central part warm and dry, moderating Ocean breezes
  • rain 250 mm/y
    • >irrigation essential
  • reputation full-bodied red wines
    • now plantings cooler area's
      • fresher wines > mid/premium
  • Aconcagua Costa vs Aconcagua Andes
    • Costa > morning fogs and Ocean breezes
      • SB - Chard - PN - cool styel Syrah
    • Andes > up to 1.000m
      • sunny and warm
      • cold air descends from mountains
        • > high diurnal range
      • red wines with pronounced ripe fruit balanced by fresh acidity

Casablanca Valley in Aconcagua Region, Chile

  • extends only 30 km inland
  • one of Chile's coolest wine producing regions
    • impact ocean to the west
    • higher hills to the east and north restrict cool humid air from escaping
  • very cold nights > spring frosts threat in low-lying vineyards

San Antonio in Aconcagua Region, Chile

  • Heavily influenced by ocean
  • hilly > range of sites and soils
  • Leyda Valley zone > particular good PN, Syrah, Char, SB
    • high acidity, medium body, citrus fruits, herbaceous notes, wet stone sometimes

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