New York State - Wine Regions

5 important questions on New York State - Wine Regions

Effects of Finger Lakes in the Finger Lake AVA

  • Slopes around the lakes > cold air drains towards the water > as it reaches the lake > air warms and rises > creates a vacuum that draws more cold air off the land
  • Lakes can generate their own lake-effect snow > helps isolating vines during the winter
  • Lakes provide warming influence in autumn >
    • enables grapes to ripen over a longer period
    • reduces risk of autumn frosts
  • In spring > cool air from lake delays budburst > reducing change of damage in spring frosts

Vineyard management in Finger Lakes AVA, New York State

  • Most vineyards on steeper slopes
    • cold air flows down towards the lake
  • fertile soils and sufficient rainfall throughout the year
    • low density planting of large vines
    • > training systems like Scott Henry
      • canopy splitted vertically or horizontally to allow greater air circulation (reducing fungal diseases) and light penetration
  • to protect vines from winter freeze
    • snow
    • hilling up soil to cover the graft union

Grape varieties in Finger Lakes AVA, New York State

  • Significant proportion of hybrids (cold-hardy)
    • Traminette - Vignoles - Vidal (icewine)
  • Riesling (and Chardonnay)
  • Cabernet Franc

Wine styles Long Island AVA, New York

Whites like SB, Riesling, PG
  • dry, light bodied style
  • fermented at cool temperatures in ss
  • unoaked or oaked
  • malo and lees ageing
  • fuller-bodied, creamy, toasty
  • medium(+) acidity
  • majority matured in oak
  • Merlot - CS - CF
  • varietal wines or blended

Hudson River Region AVA, New York State

  • First commercial winery (1827) in USA
  • oldest active winery (1839) in USA
  • 60 wineries
  • north of New York City
  • 64 ha (=small)
  • continental with warm summers and cold winters
  • spring frosts problem
  • vineyards on glacial deposits of shale, slate, schist and limestone near to the Hudson River
  • Grape varieties
    • Hybrids
      • Seyval Blanc
      • Vidal
    • Riesling
    • Chardonnay
    • Cabernet Franc

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