Bordeaux - Appelations: Wine Law & Regulations - Sweet Wine Appellations

3 important questions on Bordeaux - Appelations: Wine Law & Regulations - Sweet Wine Appellations

What are the sweet wine appellations in Bordeaux and which yield hl/ha

  • Sauternes and Barsac, part of the Graves for sweet wines
  • Botrytis/noble rot
    • Sauternes AOC max 25 hl/ha, the largest 50%
    • Barsac AOC max 25 hl/ha
  • Botrytis-Late harvest
    • Sainte-Croix-du-Mont AOC 40hl/ha
    • Loupiac AOC 40hl/ha
    • Premières Côtes de Bordeaux AOC 45hl/ha

Which grape varieties are used in the sweet wines of Bordeaux; Sauternes, Barsac...which percentages?

Semillon, 80% of plantings

Sauvignon blanc

Which conditions cause noble rot in Sauternes, Barsac?

  • Meeting of cold Ciron River with the warmer Garonne river, promoting morning mists.
  • Ideal: mist burns away by mid of the day, sunshine dries the grapes.

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