South West France - The Dordogne - Bergerac and Monbazillac

3 important questions on South West France - The Dordogne - Bergerac and Monbazillac

The Dordogne, South west france and to the east of Entre Deux Mers, has two large producing appellations, which are these?

Bergerac and Monbazillac

Bergerac AOC has similarities to AOC Bordeaux, which are these? What is different?

  • Bordeaux varieties
  • Same yields, max 55hl/ha
  • aged in rvs or oak casks (reducing cost)
  • On clay and limestone with some gravel
  • Red (50%), 40% white.

  • Slightly warmer, and drier climate
  • 90% sold in domestic market
  • Red: at least 50% of two of the bordeaux varieties
  • predominantly Merlot

Good/very good, inexpensive to mid-priced

AOC Monbazillac is for Sweet wines only! Describe the vinification and climate conditions for sweet wines here.

  • Near river Dordogne and tributaries; mist and dew along the rivers give high level of humidity, for noble rot
  • Both late harvest and botrytis grapes
  • hand picked with several passes
  • 80% of principal grapes; sauvignon blanc, sauvignon gris, Sémillon and Muscadelle.
  • Max 30hl/ha yield
  • < 10% export
  • good to very good, inexpensive to mid-priced

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